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Eyelash Extensions Training Program

Eyelash Extension Training Courses

Become an Expert in Eyelash Extensions with Our Exclusive Training Program

Are you ready to launch a successful career in the beauty industry? If so, a certification in eyelash extensions might be the perfect opportunity for you! Our comprehensive, hands-on training program will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become a confident, skilled, and certified eyelash extension artist. In this blog post, we'll cover the benefits of the program, the qualifications needed to apply, the curriculum, the various types of eyelash extensions, the tools and materials used to apply them effectively, aftercare procedures, and the exciting career opportunities after obtaining your certification.

Benefits of Our Eyelash Extension Training Program

Whether you have no experience in the beauty industry or you're a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills, our Eyelash Extension Training Program is designed for learners at all levels. You'll experience smaller class sizes, which allow for personalized instruction with our experienced and dedicated educators. Plus, our program offers an in-depth curriculum that goes beyond traditional eyelash extensions, including learning the latest techniques and industry trends to set you apart from the competition.

Qualifications to Apply

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds who are passionate about pursuing a career in eyelash extensions. There are no specific prerequisites to apply, but having basic knowledge of makeup application or a passion for the beauty industry is a definite bonus!

The Course of Study and Curriculum

Our beginner course lasts for three days, during which you'll undergo theory lessons, numerous practical demonstrations, practice on mannequins, and real-life models. The curriculum covers essential eyelash extension techniques, including:

  • Classic eyelash extensions: Learn the fundamentals of applying discrete, natural-looking extensions to enhance your clients' lashes.
  • ALL VOLUMES Eyelashes: Master the application of 2-3D volume lashes up to the bold American style, to cater to clients of all tastes and preferences.

You'll also have homework assignments to reinforce your skills and ensure that you're prepared for each session.

Different Types of Eyelash Extensions and Tools

The program covers important details, such as the various lash materials, lengths, and curl types. You'll be taught the appropriate tools and techniques for the safe and precise application of eyelash extensions, including:

  • Eyelash glues and how to select the ideal adhesive for different clients
  • Tweezers and how to choose the best style for your preferred application technique
  • Proper isolation, bonding, and extension placement tips

Aftercare and Maintenance

An essential element of being a successful eyelash extension artist is teaching your clients how to care for their extensions and maintain that beautiful look. We provide instructions on aftercare procedures and necessary maintenance, such as proper cleaning techniques, avoiding oil-based products, and scheduling regular touch-ups or refills.

Exciting Career Opportunities with an Eyelash Extensions Certification

Becoming a certified eyelash extension artist opens up a world of opportunities in the beauty industry. You can find employment at salons, spas, or even open your own eyelash extension studio. Additionally, certified eyelash artists may pursue work as freelancers, visiting clients in their homes or offering services for special events, like weddings or photoshoots.

Here's a refined list of the training courses provided by our studio and school:

Lash Extensions Courses:

  • Classic Volume
  • Hybrid Volume
  • Master-Class for practicing artists

Brows Design Courses:

  • Comprehensive training in designing and shaping eyebrows
  • Brow Fixation

Lash Enhancement Techniques:

  • Lash Lifting

Permanent Makeup Courses:

  • Basic Course covering lips, brows, and eyeliner
  • Specialized course focusing on Permanent Makeup of Eyebrows
  • Master-Class for practicing artists, emphasizing Permanent Makeup of 1 zone
These courses cover a range of techniques in lash extensions, brows design, lash lifting, brow fixation, and permanent makeup, catering to both beginners and experienced artists looking to enhance their skills. The master-classes provide an advanced level of training for practicing artists, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded education.

Explore the depths of expertise through our VIP Training 1:1, or opt for our Group Training sessions set against the stunning backdrop of Madeira island, Portugal, accompanied by great company. For the adventurous globetrotters or those who prefer the comfort of home, our Online Training seamlessly brings the classroom experience to you, easily accessible at your fingertips.
Are you ready to start a rewarding and profitable journey in the world of beauty? Don't miss out on our exclusive training programs. Get in touch with us today at or simply fill out the online form on our website.

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